My Handicraft Gallery

~Welcome to My Handicraft Gallery!!~

Here collects all kinds of my handicraft works from the past to now.
Hope you like my works; and if you want to see more beautiful handicrafts of mine, just visit the album here or read their stories here .

Click on the banner below to enter the world of each kind of handicraft topic!!

Colorful Tissues

Paper is the most collectible materials, so I use name cards or receipts/invoices as base, and cover them with tissue to make different works.

Creative Bookmarks

A simple basic shape can be turned into various of outcomes. With a little imagination, anything can happen!!

Name Card Rocks...

Getting too many name cards/business cards and don't know how to deal with them? Just make them the decoration of your life!!

Knitting The Dreams

Wool knitting always can be lots of fun. Whether it's a doll or a scarf, it's all on your hands.

Almighty Beads

It's simple, all you need are string and beads; yet it's marvellous, since you can make anything out of these materials.


Anything around you can be the inspiration, or even the materials of handicrafts. The sky is the limit; just let your imagination flows~




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