What Social Impression Do You Make?

Recently I’ve been taking a course on Couresa. To be honest, that was only an impulse move. I was bored and wanted to find something interesting to do; when browsing the courses on Couresa, instead of choosing the one my friend recommended to me, I’d decided to take Social Psychology by Prof. Scott Plous. I’ve been having interest in psychology, human mind, and the motivation behind since I was young. Thus it’s a good chance for me to finally get to know something reliable and academical from actual class, instead of from online articles whose sources were unverified.

I joined the course after Week 2, and so I fell behind from the beginning. Nevertheless, I watched all the videos of Week 1 & 2, and finished the assignment of Week 2, in less then 1 week…you can imagine how strong inner drive I have 🙂

The title of the Week 2 assignment was “What Social Impression Do You Make?“, and the way of accomplishing it was by creating a personal page on a designated website or a CV. The work was then judged by peer review, based on 5 categories of evaluation, covering different requirements, such as how positive the social impression had been made, if the techniques taught had been applied accordingly, and originality/creativity of the work.

Before presenting my resulting resume, I quote my statement about this assignment (also part of the assignment), omitting technical terms, here:

[…] Therefore, my strategy is to present a social impression that I’ve been wanted to make by building up a resume with high contrast – organized product manager v.s. artistic handicraft maker.

One problem I always had with my resume was although I was able to present my proficiency in project/product management and programming, it was difficult to highlight my proficiency in handicraft making. […] to highlight the other area, my decision was to make two domains equally salient, and so they can be treated with same respect.

To do that, I divided the resume into two parts side by side; […] used two photos with different styles. […] Like I stated earlier, the intention was to create different perception of the readers of this resume, and by convincing them believing I have expertise in handmade skills, I might end up with really launching my career in this area; i.e. the self-fulfilling effect.

Furthermore, I applied different presentation techniques in each part, such as title ([Day] and [Night]), and depiction style (by words or pictures) to highlight the contrast. […] In the project manager section, […] using facts and actual use cases to persuade the receiver I have rich experience in both programming and project/product management.

In the handicraft section, […] to dazzle my audience with beautiful and colorful pictures of my works […].

In sum, the resume is not merely an assignment, but a personal experiment. My objective was not only to make positive social impression, but also to create the images I want to show to the people, and see if I’m able to make my audience notice and acknowledge my talent in handicraft making in addition to my existed social impression – a product manager with strong technical background and experience.

So, now you can why how and why I made the decisions and created this special resume.

After peer review, I’ve got full points (10) for the assignment, and several positive feedbacks:

I very much liked the night and day concept! very good. I liked that you posted pictures of you in the office and outside the office, so that you show who you are in private and in professional life. Very original. I also liked your statement, very thoughtfull and intelligent

I love the separation of personality to show your professional/personal personae! My only issue with this is the way you have labelled them “day/night" as it seems a bit rigid, however that is a personal thought. I would have loved to see more photos on your day side as those on the night side were fantastic![…] You seem really well put together, and I very much enjoyed the visual display of you in your own way. Stay creative!

Very intelligent and creative. excellent use of pictures and peripheral as well as factual data to bring message across. Assignment was a success because I have formed a very positive impression of this candidate. Good application of concepts. Wish you the best further. This is exemplary work. Very interesting with the contrasting resumes.

Outstanding job! Your ‘Day / Night’ approach was particularly creative, highlighting both your amazing technical and handicraft skills. Overall it was informative, organized, interesting, easy to read, and error-free In your personal statement, you effectively outlined which social psychology concepts you consciously utilized, and more than met all the requirements of the assignment.

Quite pleasant comments, aren’t they?

So, now it’s time to show the snapshot of my creative and original resume to show my proficiency day and night. Let me know your feedback if any 🙂




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