Spiritual Haircutting to my Dream

I had a haircut today; a very special one; a spiritual one, to be exact.

I had learnt this spiritual haircutting event several weeks ago through a post from a FB friend, whom I have no idea how I met on FB in the first place. At the time, I thought it’s an interesting therapy – releasing the old and negative energy by cutting out dead hairs. However, I was not in the mood spending loads of money just to get a haircut, and so I decided to pass the opportunity.

At the same time, I was in a low state myself. I’ve been back to Taiwan for almost 4 months, and I’m still staying at home doing nothing serious all day long. I want to build a stable new life, but I’m not motivated to do anything. I have a dream, but it seems so far to reach, and I don’t know where to start. To sum up, I was in a dark cocoon built by myself.

However, life is interesting. When you are in the dark, you attract more darkness to wrap you up like a dark cocoon, and it is so thick that you don’t see the light surrounding outside of the cocoon at all, and hence, you feel the world has abandoned you.

The situation doesn’t change no matter how hard you pray to God to shed some light on, until you’re determined to tear apart the dark cocoon you created yourself, and step into light yourself. You take the first and then the second step, and then the universe will take over the rest and attract more light to you.

That was what happened to me. I’d decided not to whine about how trapped and miserable I was, but started to make some moves. I’ve been wanting to learn French for years, and even though I have made friends with several French people, I had never really studied French myself. So, three days ago, I decided to study French that afternoon with the materials I had printed out three years ago (see how long I have been “trying" to learn French!!). And then, strange things happened, all on that day.

First, I got a phone call from a head hunter inviting me to interview for a senior engineer position, which though I had turned down later since I had interviewed with that company before and I didn’t have a nice experience. Later, two interviews I had two weeks ago noticed me some follow-ups. It was like a door had suddenly opened, and the flow could finally came in at once.

The next day, I saw the event of Spiritual Haircutting again on FB, and out of curiosity, I clicked on the event and read posts listed. The latest post stated that they still got two vacancies on Thursday and Friday afternoons, and I thought…why not?

So I sent an email inquiring about the vacancies without hoping too much, and on Thursday morning, I got the response that they still had one vacancy, and I could have it!! What a surprise!!

Therefore, after such a long “journey", I finally gave my hair a “spiritual treatment".

The person who was going to cut my hair, Gary Winer, is a British, which I found out only after he spoke and gave me a big big hug. He asked me to choose a symbol as the topic today, and he would channel the energy to this symbol when he cut my hair.

It was quite difficult for me to just pick a single word…since I have too many wishes in mind. In the end, I chose the word “Dream", because I have a dream, and that dream includes lots of elements I want.

Here is the dream: I want to find a life partner, better a foreigner or someone lives abroad; so I can travel a lot and maybe live in another country. And then I want to have stable financial support; not that I really want money, but I need it to support my basic needs, and so I can do the things I really want to do. Finally, I hope to develop my spiritual career someday, and maybe integrate my handicraft making into it."

What a nice dream, right? Got everything I want 😛

Gary liked this dream, and he said he could feel I’m a person full of passion and creativity.

And then, he spread several cards painted with different patterns on the table, and asked me to pick one. I picked the one with the pattern like a spiral or circles that one around another, in different shades of red; well, red is my favorite color, and it presents my strong personality.

Gary and my FB friend, Sky, both laughed, since a lot of girls in Taiwan seemed to pick this card as well. This card is corresponded to the Sacral center, which states the balance between male and female energy….so maybe a lot of us need to balance our Yin and Yan sides.

After further communication, the spiritual haircutting started.

He started with comfortable and soft head massage, and at the same time, he asked if there’s someone special in my life now. I was kind of hypnotized by his relaxing massage, and so I told him the secret in my heart about how there’s someone I love, who is far away and leads a life which has no place for me, and hence we can’t be together.

Gary listened to my story and smiled, and then said he was not surprised I have attracted this wonderful but not perfect situation to me, since he could feel my confused energy. And his spiritual haircutting was going to sort it all out 😛

Then, he put his hands on my will center and the back, trying to feel or instill in some energy I guessed. I felt calm with his touch and warm temperature, and I worried nothing at all.

Normally, I don’t trust hair stylists; they all said they would keep the length of my hairs, but in the end they said my hairs were in bad condition and they had to cut them all!! However, I was quite open today, since the condition of my hairs couldn’t be worse, and actually I’d rather cut them short and grow them again.

And then, the cutting therapy began.

I could feel something warm, maybe energy, flowing in my chest, around my will center and the heart chakra while he was doing the cutting, and so naturally, I closed my eyes and just felt, like during mediation.

I didn’t fall asleep this time as I normally do in meditation, and there wasn’t much going on in my mind. I was just calm and filled, feeling his razor or scissor cutting through my hairs; very soothing and comfortable. At times, I would picture the Dream in my head, and imagined how it would be if my dream came true, since the key to fulfill a dream is to feel it.

After maybe 15 to 30 minutes, the cutting was completed, and he took me to a mirror and showed me the result. I was quite pleased with the new look; the fringe was much shorter and lighter, the curve of my hairs showed up again because he did lots of layers, which also lost weight of the huge volume of my hairs, and most of all, he still retained the length of my hairs!!!

I thought the work was done, but it wasn’t. Gary started to gather the hairs on the ground, which he had trimmed down from mine, and said “it’s a gift for you!" when putting them into a beautiful green envelope.

Should I keep the hairs??“, I asked.
No. Just kidding.“, Gary answered.
I relieved and asked “Then what are you going to do with those hairs?"

What happened next was he handed me the envelope and said “I want you to have these hairs, and in your own time, maybe today or tomorrow, find a natural place, like under a tree or by a lake, and get rid of them. Before you throw them away, think about what you want to release, like old patterns, negative energies, or things blocking you from your dream, and then remove the hairs from the envelope to release them back to the nature. After that, you just be and feel for a while; no need to judge or think about anything; just be."

What a twist at the end of this therapy! It’s like a ceremony getting rid of old patterns and habits so as to start a new life!

Later, we sat down and chatted a bit, and that was when I found out I just had my hair cut by not just a healer, but a master!! Gary has been cutting hairs for over 25 years, and he once owned 3 salons in the UK before he started to be a haricutting healer full time. Amazing!!

After another big, warm and firm hug with Gary, and saying goodbyes to all of them, I walked into the rain.

I didn’t want to plunge myself into the noisy and complicated world yet, so instead of taking a bus, I stroked along the street. In the end, I reached a park with trees and a lake, and after I told myself in mind to let go of patterns, energies, and thoughts that I don’t need anymore, I dropped the hairs bit by bit down to the water and the earth.

I’m not sure if this spiritual haircutting will bring any change or breakthrough to my life and make me one step closer to my dream, but at least I’ve got a nice haircut by a talented British, which I should’ve tried when I was in the UK.

Really nice experience, in both energy-wise and haircutting-wise. And seriously, that’s what I think a good hair stylist should be – creating a dazzling new look only by cutting, instead of coloring or perming. And today, I finally met a true master, who is also a special haircutting healer. 🙂


If you are interested in Gary’s spiritual haircutting, you can check his Facebook page:

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