A Bizarre Polish Style Week

My trip was never simple. Within the main line/theme of my each trip, there was always another sub-story going on at the same time. In the end, what left in my memory was not the magnificent scenery nor the classic and elegant buildings, but what was going on in my mind back then.

The hidden theme of my trip to Northern Ireland and Ireland was Polish. It was pure coincidence, but all my hosts in Belfast and in Dublin were Polish, and my Polish journey had a little extension after I got back to Brighton, with my Polish friend Kasia and her friends.

Of course, Polish or not was not important; what the Universe really brought to me was a chance to see a different world. A world that I’d have never known if I had stayed in Taiwan or only keeping Taiwanese as my friends.

For me, Polish people quite know how to fight for what’s important for them. My host in Belfast is working on a petition to ask the UK government grant refugee status to her friend, and my host in Dublin is running the process to acquire Ireland passport for a better life.

It doesn’t mean they are aggressive or bellicose; on the contrary, they are usually enthusiastic and genuine. From the conversation with them, I see their nature of determination and taking-action when they have a goal or a dream, which is what I’m lack of in every perspective.

Spending time with them, I could always see and know something new. Sometimes I was forced to step out of my comfort zone, but at the same time my life experience was broadened.

For the past week, I was surrounded by a different culture, entering a new world I had never been in. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I know the Universe is trying to show me something by arranging those encounters with Polish people.

Now I’m going to launch a new journey to France in few hours, so maybe the trip and what I had been through in my mind were a preparation for my retreat next.

Whatever lies ahead of me, I know it’s going to be something novel and adventurous, and I will enjoy it with every bit of my life as usual 🙂

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