Life in Brighton – Reminiscence of Summertime

I had a lovely day today. Having lunch with my friend and her flatmate, sitting in the Old Steine Garden and reading a book, Whale Rider, while being bathed by the charming sun, walking along the beach watching people enjoying the good weather, and watching an adorable movie, Wreck-It Ralph, as the end of the day.

The sun was so warm and real, even it’s still winter now. Sitting and walking under the genial sun, suddenly a lot of memories of last summer came to me.

It was one classmate from Hong Kong took me to the Brighton Pier and showed me the Lanes. At the Brighton Pier, we bought a bag of donuts, one of which was later robbed from my hand by a seagull, which you can consider a “Welcome to Brighton" note.
201207 Brighton1

In a sunny afternoon, some girls from my class and I hung out at the seafront and enjoyed the sun. We took a nap, and all my skins had turned brown when I woke up…but I was happy, since that was the proof of summer joy.
Brighton 20132

Then at a windy night, I had my first kiss ever in my life while watching the brightened Brighton Pier. It wasn’t a very enjoyable experience, but it was the start of something new; the beginning of my new life.
Brighton 20133

At this area of beach, I had a profound and philosophical conversation with a new-known friend. I wasn’t able to understand each word he said, but somehow I could understand him at a higher level.
201208 Brighton1

Watching the Victoria Fountain in the Old Steine Garden, which brought me back to the sweetest time of my sprouting summer fling, which ended later that night. Bitter and sweet, joy and sorrow; this place brought me a complicated feeling since then.
201208 Brighton

Time really flies. Every scene and every memory in the last summer is still vividly playing in front of my eyes, but the next summer is already starting to send the signal…although I may not have chance to enjoy that again.

Even I’m still here, I miss the me back at that time; naiver, more curious, darker, and more animated. The summer was epic, inspiring and adventurous; it was everything but a mundane past. It was the most extraordinary and the best summer vacation I’ve ever had, and I’ll reminisce each moment in that summer a lot for the rest of my life.

As to the winter in Brighton…that’s another story….

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One Response to Life in Brighton – Reminiscence of Summertime

  1. Lillian 說道:

    I did have an awesome summer, and probably one of the best!


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