From London to Brighton

I didn’t realize 9 days would be such a long time when I planned this London trip. My intention was pure: to visit London and get to know it, then decide if I will move to there in the near future.

I didn’t like London, a bustling, noisy, rush, and crowded city. I had had enough similar life style when living  in Taipei, and wanted something different. Therefore, I chose Brighton as my first stop, and fell in love with it later.

This 9-day-9-night trip to London was a break after my 10-week English course as well as a tryout of living in London. It was indeed a nice break for the first two days. Maureen took me to several markets on the weekend, and I had enjoyed them a lot. But few days later, I became bored; counting the days and wondering why this week went so slow.

Going out everyday was more like a task to be completed than an exploration with curiosity. The bus and the tube were always full of people,  stuffy, and overloading. People and visitors everywhere, and the word I used the most was “sorry" when I hit somebody accidentally in the street.

“I want to go back to Brighton ASAP!!", I thought.

Then, I saw something different in London.

The variety of activities and things-to-do, job opportunities, and the vibrancy composed of multi-culture and people from different domains.

It reminded me of my past experience when I was reluctant to study in Taipei because I didn’t like the snobbish city. But I couldn’t leave Taipei anymore after I had been addicted to its convenience and liveliness.

Living in London seemed to be not a bad idea after a second thought; it’s a city full of possibilities.

Getting off the train at Brighton station, suddenly I found this city strange to me. My impression of London was so strong, due to intensive stimulation for 9 days consecutively, that my memory for Brighton had been pushed out of my brain.

Taking the bus home, talking with Severin, a German student whom I’m living with, and reorganizing my room, I gradually refilled the feeling for Brighton and picked up my Brighton life again.

I’ve changed my mind on London, but still haven’t changed my mind on moving to London yet. I know what was like living in a big city, and I know I’ll inevitably be attracted by it after I have tasted the life there for a while. However, I came here for a simple, peaceful, and joyful life rather than a busy, heady, and complicated one. Maybe I should stick to that before some factor in the equation changes.

Brighton, London, Oxford or Cambridge…that’s a question.

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