The Dream Which It All Started From…

當我還小的時候,常常做一個夢,夢中我被一個魔王逼婚,還以全村民的性命要脅,而我總是抵死不從,寧願以死明志…在那個我根本還不懂恩怨情仇的年紀,這個夢帶給我很大的影響與衝擊。上國中後,開始會夢到這個夢的後續,也才開始讓我產生 “夢境也許是另一個平行宇宙的自己"的想法。小六時我曾經用好幾千字寫實的將這個夢描述出來(然後得到作文老師極大的讚賞),近20年後,這次我改用英文描述;很榮幸的,我這次的老師也很喜歡我的文章,還給了 “….beautifully,…., a remarkable tale. An eye-opener.."這樣的評語。現在就將這篇夢境故事分享給大家吧!!

————-Fall asleep……—————
It was a remote yet self-sufficient village, where my mother and I lived a peaceful and simple life. There was a river dividing the village, and my friends and I used to ride in the boats we made from wood on the river and followed the flow all the way down till the end of the village. It was really a wonderful and happy time…until an evil tyrant decided to set hist sights on my village…or me to be exact.

I had no idea how all of this had happened. It was said that I was seen during my boat trip with my friends when the evil tyrant happened to pass the village. He coveted me ever since then, and he was no afraid to let everybody know.

He had been asking me to marry him, and I had been turning him down flat of course. Which girl on earth would be willing to spend the rest of her life with such a devil like him after all.

Hence, he started to pursue and threaten me. I had no choice but to run;running into the woods, and jumping into my boat, hoping the river could take me and my boat far away…away from this village…away from the tyrant.

I failed, however, many times. He always managed to catch me during my escape missions; in the woods, the moment I was climbing into the boat, or just when I saw the end of the village.

I was devastated; so was he. Then he decided to go much further; to threaten me with the life of my mother as well as that of other villagers.

I was rebellious enough to plan my final escape, together with all the other people this time. We all got into the wooden boats we had made that very night, and before the sun came out, we were already heading towards the boundary of the village following the river.

Everything looked fine before a flood from nowhere suddenly rushed in, and swallowed all of us. “No! Am I failing again? God, please show some mercy and let me die!"; this was my last thought before I blacked out.

I wasn’t sure how much time had gone by before I woke up, but I found myself in a chamber underground when I opened my eyes. Some of the villagers, including my mother, were also imprisoned in the room with no way out.

A voice was broadcasted through the speaker fixed on the ceiling, and that was when I noticed for the first time that there was a vent at the top of the wall as our attention was caught by the announcement.

It was the evil tyrant, the demon, the man who had been forcing me to marry him on the speaker. He made his final warning that he was going to drown all of us if I still refused to marry him.

Without a shadow of a doubt, my answer was a loud-and-clear “NO". Subsequently, the evil man kept his word and started to pour water into the chamber through the vent.

Call me selfish, but I would rather have drowned than live with that horrible man. Therefore, although Death was coming for me, and even my mother, I still didn’t change my mind. Actually, I already had a plan; a plan for my ultimate escape.

I figured that the tyrant had no way to introduce so much water at once unless he guided the water from the river directly. That was, the vent itself was the exit, not only of the room, but also of the village by implication.

Thus, I waited quietly until the water level got higher and higher. By the time the water had almost filled the room, I breathed in then held my breath, struggling to approach the vent. I felt a huge pull from the vent when I reached its edge, and was sucked into the whirl formed inside the vent.

The string flow carried me outwards; however, the impact from the water caused me to be short of breath. The tunnel connected to the vents seemed never ending, and even though I tried so hard to swim to the surface to get some air, there was no surface since the tunnel was full of water.

Few moments later, I gave up struggling. I relaxed my body and limbs, floating in the water, and prepared for my imminent death. To me, this was a salvation more that a torment, because I was finally able to get away from him, the man who kept haunting me. I didn’t care if I could escape from the village anymore; all I wanted at that moment was to float with the flow and let it lead me, alive or dead, to somewhere unknown.

However, I didn’t drown in the water after all. I was flushed to a plain outside the village. I had no idea what had happened to my mother and the other villagers, but I was too afraid to go back and find out. I started my new life on the plain, living alone by myself. But at least I’m safe now, free from terror and threat. Sometimes I would stand on the hills nearby, overlooking my village and image that all the people in it are safe and sound, and most important of all, living happily and peacefully. Without me, the cause of all the disasters, I hop the tyrant left the village alone in the end.

————-Wake up….———-
This dream repeated itself continually throughout my childhood. Though the details were slightly different each time, the main plot was always the same; me being chased by a demon and threatened with others’ lives. My answer had never changed too. The dreams’ endings of me being alive or dead were rather less important, since the dreams had indicated to my personality that there’s no way I’ll be forced to do something if I really don’t want to, even if the cost of refusal is my life.

Sometimes I would dream about the sequel of this dream in my teenage years, but that is another story…

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