Brighton的二三事 – 風車與scone (Life in Brighton – Windmill & Scone)


It has been almost a month since I came to Brighton. From a newbie who knew nothing to the one who new classmates or Taiwanese who have just arrived in Brighton consult; now I don’t feel strange or curious about this city, but focus on how to really live here.


A Taiwanese girl, Nancy, who came to Brighton to study, found me on Facebook, and we decided to meet today after class. I went to Brighton University to have lunch with her, and visited the campus. The tour reminded me of the idea of being a student again when visiting Cambridge last year. And now, I did come back to the UK to study…it’s just that I study in a language school rather than at a university. Well…I’m too poor to afford the tuition for university.


We had a good time on the campus, and wanted to do more things together. So I took her to the windmill in Rottingdean by bus. I’ve always wanted to take a picture of the windmill on a sunny day since the last time I gave up climbing up the hill to see the windmill. Today is the day (and a sunny day, too), and this time I bring a new friend with me.

當然,跟荷蘭的風車比起來這簡直太小兒科,但身為附近地標性的建築,還是要拍照留念一下的啦XD 沒想到旁邊是高爾夫球場,有很多有錢有閒的帥哥在這邊打小白球…改天應該多來晃晃看有沒有機會釣到一個男朋友 😛

Of course, this windmill is nothing big compared to the windmills in the Netherlands. However, as an iconic building in this area, it’s still worth a visit. Around the windmill is a golf club, where you can see many handsome rich young men playing golf. Maybe I should walk around the golf club another day to see if I can find a good man 😛

在這邊並沒有久留,這次換Nancy當東道主,帶我到The Lane附近的一家下午茶店品嘗英式scone。這家店叫做Mock Turtle風評很好,大家都推薦,於是我們也合點一份經典英式下午茶,包含一壺熱茶還有兩個scone。

After a short stay, Nancy took me to the Laines in Brighton to have an afternoon tea. We went to the Mock Turtle, which is a popular cafe serving homemade British scones.

邊喝茶邊吃糕點邊聊天,充當一下英國貴婦;在異國遇到談得來的朋友還蠻不錯的…只是聊天中突然意識到…以前跟人聊天,常常都是別人告訴我她已經工作了好幾年然後…..,沒想到現在換我老生常談…人到30真的一切都變了>_< 我的青春一去不復返阿!!
唯一值得慰藉的是,這邊不分男女老少、東方西方、台灣香港,都覺得我看起來比30年輕許多,希望這些 “驚訝"能夠繼續保持下去 😛

We pretended to be two traditional British rich housewives, having our tea and scones while talking. It’s really great to meet some one you can really talk in a foreign country. However, suddenly I realized that while it used to be some other people telling me their working experience and how they got here, now it’s my turn to tell other people about my past. Everything quickly changed after you have turned 30…and my youth is long gone >_< The only thing that can comfort me now is that all the people I met here (whether Asian, European, male, female, teenagers, old people) thought I look much younger that I really am. Hope this misconception could last as long as possible.


It’s the weekend again. I don’t have any plan yet, but I hope something interesting will just come to me soon!!

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