From a tourist to a resident

One of the reasons why I wanted to come to the UK is that I always wanted to know what it’s like to live in another country instead of just being a tourist.

So now here I am, living in Brighton. It has been just a week, but I can feel have felt the difference since day 1.

It’s the your state of mind that makes the most differences.

The moment I jumped up on to the train to Brighton, I loosened up, because from now that moment on, I belonged to here; ain’t I’m not an outsider anymore.

As a tourist, I’m both relaxed and stressed. I’m relaxed because you’re on vacations, and there’s no worries about jobs, unsolved issues, and so on. However, I’m stressed because I find myself in a strange place/country, and I need to switch to the survival mode to adapt to this new world.

On the other hand, as a resident, I am both stressed and relaxed, too. I’m stressed because I have routines to do, bills to pay, rules to follow, and cannot just leave live as I want. Yet I’m relaxed at the same time, because I have a life here, a place to go back to, and even a personal space where I can store all MY stuffs…in a word, I‘ve settled in here.

So now, I don’t hold my bags with me at all times nor get timid feel nervous each time taking I take out my wallet to pay. I can spend a whole afternoon just walking around doing nothing without feeling that I’m wasting time…because I’ll still be here tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and after so on.

I’m more casual and fit-in I fit in, not by the my appearance or the clothes I’m wearing, but the attitude I emerge adopt. I recognize myself as part of this city, thus I walk/talk/act like one a citizen.

Although there’s also one drawback from about the change of mood that I can’t see things through a tourist’s eyes anymore.

Being a tourist, I see things as if they are once in a lifetime. Therefore, I take pictures for of every beautiful scene, try to record each valuable moment, and feel the city with all my heart. But actually living in a city, all the magnificent things magnificent turns into ordinary surroundings; I don’t pay extra attentions to them, let alone to take numerous photos for of them (Poor Brighton…I haven’t visited it as a tourist).

I’m still experiencing the transition, finding a way to settle down and build a life here. Therefore, my perception for of the difference between being a tourist and a resident may shift over time.

Let’s go come back to this few months later in a few months.

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One Response to From a tourist to a resident

  1. Lillian 說道:

    Today I asked my teacher Andrew to review my writings. And here is the review result.


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