旅行的意義 — 占星版




月亮v.s. DC – 2004/7 Beijing、2004/9 Taipei
“There is an intense exchange of energy with those around you, and you search for deeply meaningful human contacts."

天王星 v.s. IC 2004/9 Taipei
“Along this axis, the focus is on the renewal of your personal point of view. Important areas from which you have derived your sense of security and deeply held convictions, are called into question…..Unrest and excitement dominate your daily life. ….Along this line, it is highly unlikely that you will grow any roots or decide to stay."
工作這幾年,各個領域的觀點每幾個月就大翻轉一次,每次以為終於找到可以依靠的點,卻又在不久後全被推翻,每天都過得很 “精彩",現實與心理都是,也許就因為一直這樣動著…所以目前還真的沒有生根的打算。

凱龍 v.s. MC — 2004/7 Huhehaote City (China)、2009/3 Ho-Chi-Ming City (Vietnam)、2011/6 Jakarta(Indonesia)
“Traditional value systems lose their meaning, your ideals dissolve and your ideas of success or a career start to transform."

金星 v.s. DC — 2007/5 Cambodia、2010/1 Thailand、2009/9 & 2011/6 Bali
“The emphasis here lies on all forms of relationships and shared experience. …Your own personal interests lose their meaning, as it is far more important to love and be loved by another person."

海王星 v.s. IC 2008/12 Melbourne (Australia)
“A meaningful way to comply with the theme of these regions is to withdraw to the safety of your private life….Neptune strengthens your imaginative and transcendental powers, but it also clouds your sense of reality and clarity of judgment."

太陽 v.s. DC — 2009/1 Sydney(雪梨)
“You feel more socially integrated, identifying more with others, and match your own needs and interests with those of your life partner. Relating to others becomes a central issue."
這個就真的還蠻不準了…那時候就我跟Vincent還有Kokomo每天在大街上頂著陽光一直走,觀察人群是很好玩,不過雪梨就真的只是個大城市…沒什麼新認識人的機會;倒是最後一天晚上一個人坐船到Luna Park遊樂園逛逛還蠻有趣的XD

太陽 v.s. IC — 2007/9 San Diego (U.S.A)
“Even when you are not ready to retire, this placement guarantees the best conditions for a relaxed and gentle rest from your hectic working life. You are happy to be by yourself, are content to be at home."

冥王星 v.s. DC — 2011/7 Nice、Arles (France)、Switzerland
“Your existing relationships are likely to face a lot of changes, which may include separations. Here, you tend to project your own tension and problems onto your partner."

天王星 v.s. DC — 2011/8 Amsterdam (Netherland)
“You look for and find connections with unusual people, whose circle of influence is extensive. Those people, with whom you had no contact in the past, create change and revive your private as well as professional life."
It’s true,荷蘭本是我意料外的milestone,這裡的每樣人事物都讓我感到驚奇,認識了民宿的老闆娘,過去沒有任何連結卻能一起遊玩,讓我開始覺得荷蘭也可以是我的家。

凱龍 v.s. Asc — 2011/7 Paris (France)、London、Lake District (UK)
“Longer contact with these lines alters the understanding of yourself, and the way in which you appear to the world. Chironic energy is good for discovering and defining yourself. Focus is on your shadow side, and there are many lessons along the way which are part of a process of individuation. Belief systems and values waver, and past ways of behaving die out. You become an outsider and a loner."
Say no more…that totally explains everything…從歐洲回來就開始發覺自己的轉變,直到現在都還沒停止,如果這些地點真的是凱龍合上升,那麼也難怪我整個人瞬間轉了調,回台灣後覺得難以融入,畢竟我在巴黎還有英國湖區受到的感動與感召實在太多太多了~

非常有趣的旅行占星…如果location astrology對一個人的影響真如此之大…那麼我應該來好好檢視一下每條線的意義來挑選我下個目的地囉!!

p.s. 剛剛發現,我根本都挑跟太陽、三王星、凱龍星跟下降點還有天底合相的地方去嘛…難怪每次旅行都那麼有fu(很多時候還是帶著對某人的內心戲)…因為對我來說真的是 “身心靈"成長之旅呢!!

p.s. 日本我去了三次,可是線都剛好沒經過我去的城市…這是代表我去日本旅遊是很沒營養的嗎 😛

本篇發表於 身心靈, 旅行 並標籤為 。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

3 則回應給 旅行的意義 — 占星版

  1. Marie 說道:

    ACG圖果然是要旅行很多地方的人才會好玩啊 哈哈哈哈!!
    我現在在美國東岸也沒有什麼線經過… 😛
    難以生根 很符合天王星合天底的特質呀

    • Lillian 說道:


  2. Lillian 說道:

    這個城市位在天王星 v.s. DC & 凱龍 v.s. Asc 這兩條線中間,受到兩者影響,我的確碰到了很多很獨特的人,應該說我在這邊碰到的每個人都很有個人特色,而私人方面,因為生活壓力變小,跟自己相處的時間變多,有很多時間去檢視自己(跟自我否定),雖然還是沒找到方向,但我的很多傷口,尤其是情感方面已經被療癒許多,但當然我仍然覺得自己是個outsider就是了



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