No Strings Attached




The leading actress, Emma, is always described as strong and independent. Her friends think that her idea about romantic relationship is that love is silly and not existed. However, actually she is just afraid of to get hurt, or to become the one she hates when being in a relationship. When her mom told her “be hurt" in the car, I got so much feeling.

Just like Emma, my friends often think of me as independent and strong; however that’s exactly the reason I can’t let myself get hurt no matter who I really am. You see, everyone thinks that I am good and can go through anything, so when I fall….no one will catch me at first cause they think I can hold on myself. And not until I cry out loud did they find out I am actually vulnerable and weak.

So, to avoid the pain of getting hurt and not getting help, I will arm myself to make myself stronger (but more vulnerable inside). However this also leads to the vicious cycle that more and more people think that I am strong and don’t need them at all.

Emma is lucky; she met a guy falling for and willing to be there for her while waiting her to open her heart. But I think either that I am not lucky enough or this kind of thing only exists in fairy tale…. cause I just can’t meet a guy patient enough to wait for me to believe in him and let him see the real me, weak and dependent.

No strings attached doesn’t mean not wanting to be attached….the concern is the fear of not finding a hand to hold the strings….

p.s. I am going crazy right now….in the end I used my android phone as the keypad to finish this blog….

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  1. Me so Lovely 說道:

    Fairy tale, chick flick


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