Happy new year – long time no see

I had made some foreign net-pals few years ago for practicing my English.
We had lots of fun time writing e-mails to each other, talking about our interest, our life, and our dreams.
Maybe some people will call me insane, but I still keep those letters somewhere in my laptop.
In fact, I just recalled that I’ve transfered all the letters to my gmail inbox…what a surprise!!
I can still remember three of those net-pals, who really open my eyes to the world and made my days brighter.
The first one is Povilas from Lithuania, who is a polite, gentle, and muture person.
I remembered that when we started to know each other, he had just poblished his first book, which according to him was very popular.
I liked to chat with him since it’s the first time I can bring out those crazy thoughts on the table, and in English espeically.
It was exciting and thrilling to find out I can express my thoughts about time and space in English, and what’s more, to find someone who can accept and and understanding thouse ideas.
We shared lots about our own world, like religion, culture, people and so on, though it was a pity that we lost contact somewhere in time…
The second is Duc from Vietnam, who is about my age and a bright happy guy.
He was just like my good friend in normal life and I felt like we can talk about anything.
We shared lots of details about our life, those funny things in our daily lives, our worries and expections about the future, and our school life of course.
I remembered that he once asked if he could call me "Lien" since it would be more familar with him. Haha…I really like his personality.
However, just like the other net-pals, we wrote to each other less and less, and then nothing at all eventually.
The third one is Lei from Vietnam, who is the only fenail net-pal I have ever had.
We didn’t talk a lot, but I remembered that we spent most of the time discussing Japanese animations.
It was really funny to discribe a Japanese stuff in English…well…you need to find all the translations for the title and characters..what a new experience!!
I didn’t know much about Lei, but I thought she might be a cute girl who has dreams about the future but not ready to spread her wings yet.
Oh…it just ringed a bell to me that there’s a special net-pal I must mention…Hai-ji from China.
It wasn’t a pleasant start for our friendship in the first few letter.
He said that he was a girl in the first mail, but then he became a boy in the next letter.
I was confused and angry, and he refused to admit that was his fault….I was so closed to end up this friendship…but I decided to give us one more shot.
Of course, there’s much to learn when it comes to communicating with people speaking the same language but having different cultures.
But I think my mind was open through this experience, and look how good I am getting along with co-workers from QSC.
Maybe some people wonder why I mentioned theses net-pal all of a sudden…well…that’s because I received a greeting from Lei.
I joined facebook several months ago for some reason, and from time to time there’re some lost-contact friends added me as their friend.
Today, I found out a message on my Wall:
"Hi Lillian,
I have a feeling that we had known each other some time ago. I used the nickname Lei for contacting with you, remember me?"
"anyway, have a wealthy, prosperous, and lucky Chinese New Year m’dear"
Wow!! What a surprise!! A lost friend just found me through facebook…this thing really works!!
It’s the first time I saw her picture, and she is indeed a cute girl….amazing!!
I don’t know how she found me, but I really miss those good old days when we tried to make friends with a foreigner with anxiety and expectations.
Those letters remind me how we were back in that time, and I can still remember the scenario that I look up dictionaries just for picking the right word to express my feeling and thought.
Ha… I think this greeting might be my best new-year gift ever!!
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