Midnight in Melbourne

Just to take a note….here I’m in Melbourne, Australia.
Melbourne is our first stop, and we’ll fly to Sydney tomorrow noon.
Melbourne is an insteresting city, where you can always see all kinds of visitors like us.
I love the buildings here since they are all so special.
Some of them are just like castles popping up from the fairy tale, and some of them are so unique that you think they may be created by alians.
Haha…just joking….but I really like the variety of this city.
Yesterday we invited Vincent’s friends in high school and went to Geelong and some famous spots like 12 Apostles, thunder caves, and so on.
I wasn’t in a good shape yesterday, and spent most time in the car sleeping.
But still I got a surprise that seeing a native koala aside the road.
We were watching that cute koala climbing up the tree and stared at us.
It’s said this is once-in-a-blue-moon chance to see a koala on the road…so how lucky we are~~
And today, we had a fully city tour guided by Vincent’s friend Kokomo.
We went to the church, a street full of coffee shops, and the strange-shaped Federation Square.
In the afternoon, we went to a zone called "little Italy", where lacated some Italian restaurants, and some shops.
The zone is not so funny as I imagined, but it did show me another face of Melbourne.
Oh…BTW, the hotel…or I should say backpacker we’re staying is named Cooee, what a funny name!!
It’s the first time that I live in a backpacker….although it’s not so convenient in many ways…but….acceptable…
What can I ask for more now after all….
It’s a whole new experience again to come to a new country.
I’ve been changed in some way since the last time I went abroad….although it was just two months ago….
Will share more of my thought and experience about this trip if any other chance.
See ya all next year~~
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