The unexpected 19th day….

Don’t ask me why I’m still in America now…I want to know the answer too…..
This morning, we packed all our beloings and took the airplane from San Diego to San Francisco.
Originally, we were about to take the flight at 1:16pm to Taipei.
However, later we found out that our flight was delayed to tomorrow 8:00am (10/6 US time).
We have no place to go, and can’t get our stuffs.
The UA gave us a number, and said that we can call it for hotel booking…we have to pay that ourselves, of course…
The operator offerred me two hotels, and I chose the better one; it’s called Sofitel.
I didn’t realize that it’s a high class luxury hotel until we reached it.
The room rate is $89 per night, which I found out later that the tax is more than $20.
I.e., we are now in a hotel resort with lakes and EA near by….and the total room fee is $110.
God…I’m so broken now….
You know…it’s really hard to find somthing to eat in such beautiful place, especially without a car.
We walked 1.5 miles for to find a child care, then we walked back to goole the hotel.
Finally, we found a plaza 1 mile away.
So, we walked there again, ate some malaysian food, and bought some vitamin B for my big brother, then walked back here again.
It’s been a long day that we’ve walked more than 5 miles.
How come I choose to walk in San Francisco all day?
I have no idea…only God knows that…
Hey, my big brother, you really owe me a big thank.
You see, I travelled so far to buy your stuff in two different cities.
Where can you find a better sister like me?
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One Response to The unexpected 19th day….

  1. Ming Hsien 說道:

    if you could see outside from my window, you’ll know why.
    good luck and enjoy your luxury hotel  🙂


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