Some say that everyone is a mirror of oneself
If you see a pig in all mirrors around you
There will be only one possibility

I said that to one of my friend several weeks ago
Now I have my own experience

Each interaction with each mirror has different joy
Some mirrors reflect my weak side
Some mirrors reflect my dark side
Some mirrors reflect my best part
And some mirrors reflect my expectations

Sometimes I like to stand in front of specific mirrors
Because they can show me the part I like or I expect
Sometimes I will also force myself to stay in front of a mirror
Just to make myself see how ugly I am in front of that mirror

Recently I found an interesting and changeable mirror
I see a new and different self through the mirror each time standing in front of it
Maybe the change is so attractive that I kept standing there even the image has been distorted

Thank God
Rather than running away from the mirror or enforcing myself to face it
I chose to pray
To the higher selves of the mirror and me
For showing the best parts of us
Since I am a mirror too

Now I see my bright part in that mirror again
And I know I can adjust the images shown in the mirrors anytime I want

Images in the mirrors are just reflections
The real me is always standing outside the mirrors
When I choose to see LOVE in the mirrors

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